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Sick as the proverbial dog this week. Glad I have stuff written ahead!

Resist or Serve

I was so interested in keeping an eye on the newsfeeds spinning by on my screens that Mark West managed to surprise me in my office.

He burst through the door, which had me on my feet facing him in a split second. He was pale and furious; even his perfect Ken hair was askew.

"They're going crazy down there," he began.

"About damn time," I said.

"No, you don't understand!" he shouted, and he actually clutched at his hair.

He was so agitated that he was projecting his thoughts hard, as agitated people do. As I often have to do, I was working hard to ignore that, but the repeated epithets were getting on my nerves.

"What's the matter, Mark?" I said, taking a step forward. "Feeling a little threatened? Feeling like you might not win? How much of the US were you promised for your very own after subjugating it and making all the freaks commit suicide?"

He looked shocked. Horrified, actually. "You really don't get it," he said faintly. "You don't understand that everything I've done has been to try to keep the aliens out of our affairs?" His voice was rising in volume with every word, and his face was going brick-red. "You don't understand that they came to my wife and made her more of a freak—yes, a god damned freak—because they were going to use her to do whatever they wanted to our world, and I put myself forward to try to save our world, our damned, damned world, because I want somewhere for my children to grow up that isn't under the heels of some alien dictators? That I wanted the world that was given to us by the lord to be our own to stay our own?" He was raging at me, walking toward me without fear. At least his rage was focusing his thoughts so I could ignore them. "I could tell these… people had more power than all the mightiest heroes or villains our planet could muster and the only way we would conquer would be to work along their plans until the lord pointed the way to overthrow them, escape them, cast them away from our world. My boys—and my girls too—would inherit our world, a human world, ordered by human minds and choices, as the legacy of their parents." He stopped two paces in front of me, panting, weeping with his fury. "I knew you would fuck it all up, you ignorant bitch."

For just a moment, I had a glimpse of him as a human being, as a father and husband, as a desperate human facing impossible odds just trying to do what he thought was best. I knew he'd fuck it all up.

"Maybe you should've trusted to the rest of the human beings on the planet, instead of trying to play god," I said, glancing back at the images of resistance and revolution playing across the screens.

"You have to stop them," he said, suddenly falling off his high horse. He gritted his teeth and said, "Please. They say you have enough power to control everyone on the planet. If you do, you have to stop them from doing this."

"Even if I had that kind of power," I said, making the effort to explain though I knew it was pointless, "what no one really understands about psionic powers is that it's a two-way street. Even if you think you're purely projecting, there's a little piece of you inside that person's mind. You can see what that's done to your wife."

He blinked and looked alarmed.

"She's more tired than ever, isn't she?" I said, almost sympathetically. "She's exhausted. Barely enough energy to sort of take care of her children, and nothing left for you because you're nominally a grown-ass man and can take care of yourself. That's what trying to control millions of minds does to you, if it doesn't drive you stark raving mad immediately."

I had hit awfully close to home. He rubbed his face, muttering, "Oh, God, Sara, what have they done to you?"

"You've got to see that there's no way anyone could survive being inside the minds of seven billion people," I said. "Because actively controlling takes more energy than passively projecting."

"But if you don't," he said in an exhausted tone, still staring into his hands, "everything will be for naught."

"If I don't," I said as gently as I could muster for this horrid little man, "then people get to choose their own fates, which is what humans with free will ought to be able to do."

He gave me a defeated, dead look and took himself to the door. At the door, he said, "You won't be able to say that I didn't warn you." And before I could answer, he went out.

I looked back at the screens nervously. That was the thing we'd not been able to predict: what would the aliens do in response? What tricks did they have up their Hoovers?

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The tension is ramping up up up!

....aww poor Sara. (Relatively speaking.)


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