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Boston locals and those local for the holiday:

Tomorrow, from 12-5, I'll be at Annie's Book Stop in Worcester, MA, with a number of my Broad Universe colleagues. We'll be reading, answering questions, and hanging out for Small Business Saturday. I'll have some books in hand that you can buy if you haven't gotten around to ordering from Createspace or Amazon.

If you're in the neighborhood, come on out and listen to me overemote in a Nereid kinda way!

ALSO: The ebook distribution has begun! You can get the ebook right now at these distributors:
Kobo | Apple | Scribd | Inktera

The Kindle version is coming. It's just... being a bit more difficult. :)
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Cover reveal AND BOOK LAUNCH!

Buy in print at my Createspace store!
(I hope they can get it -- I'm on expanded distribution.)

Just LOOK at that beautiful cover art by Alex Heberling! (OMG IRA'S GRIN! I've had this image as my desktop for a couple of months now and his grin makes me smile EVERY TIME I SEE IT.) And the amazing cover and interior design by C Victoria Root!


The eBook is coming -- we're having a few technical difficulties with it -- but it will come soon!
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Hi, everyone!

The summer has FLOWN by and here we are in September and I promised you updates.

1. Wonder City Stories (volume 1) is with my book designer right now. Still working on the release date, whether I'll do both ebook and print at the same time or staggered, that sort of thing, but it will happen this fall. The cover is going to be AMAZING -- every stage I've seen has made me grin like a maniac.

2. I will start posting NEW episodes for Wonder City volume 4 NEXT WEEK. For now, I'm going to go with a conservative once-weekly posting -- we'll see what happens to my writing speed as the story heats up.

3. I'm starting on edits for volume 2. Hopefully, once I've gone through the process of getting a book out once, I'll get better and speedier at it! I'm hoping to get that one out in the spring of 2016.

4. Would folks like a collection of short stories or an edited/updated version of His Faded Idol (the Erszebet and Zoltan novella) first? Whichever may come before or after volume 2 is released, I don't know, but it'd be cool to know what folks would prefer.

Please do click to vote to get us back on the map over at TopWebFiction! And if you have the spoons, please comment to let me know your thoughts, or just that you're out there!

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I put together a Spotify playlist of the music I directly reference in Wonder City Stories volume 3, if anyone is interested. Of course, I couldn't find the Indigo Girls doing "Over the Rainbow" or Janelle Monae doing any of the songs I ascribed to her in the memorial service, but I did my best with artists I could find.

In other news, the book of volume 1 is coming along nicely. I've finished the final rewrite, and am now working on the copyedits. I've gotten some great advice from a number of people on production and outlets, and I may be able to release a print book very close to the same time I release the e-book. *fingers crossed*
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Hi, all!

In case you missed yesterday's finale, it's right here.

Hat tip to Hanne Blank for suggesting the Fat Lady's song and other music ideas, and to my wife Akycha for diligently editing this episode in the midst of her end-of-semester grading frenzy.

Thank you all SO much for SIX YEARS of reading and support! I had no idea I'd still be here, doing this and loving it, six years after I started, and you all have been a big part of that.

So what am I doing next? I'm taking the summer (mostly) off posting to do two things:

1. Get Wonder City Stories Volume 1 polished and published as, at least, an e-book by the end of the summer. I would also like to figure out how to do the hardcopy piece, because I love books and know a lot of you do too. I have some ideas right now, but need to do some more research and figure out if I need to try a small Kickstarter or at least a series of Madame Destiny readings to fund the design and setup.

2. Firm up the plotting and write ahead on Wonder City Stories Volume 4. I had been toying with ideas for spinoffs that I might play with for a while before I came back to these characters, but I think I've got a firm enough A plot now to go ahead on Vol 4. I have a new POV character I need to nail down more completely -- I've been really lucky with Renata and Angelica, as both popped out of my head pretty much fully formed, like unto Athena, but this one is being a little sticky. I just have to let her simmer a bit.

As we get closer to time, I'll give a firmer publishing date for Wonder City Stories, as well as updates like the cover design and snippets of the text. I think you'll like the cleaner prose, characterization, and plotting of this version of the book—I know I'm pleased with it, and my writing group seems to like it bunches more than earlier drafts. :)

Thank you all again! I hope you all have a fabulous summer, and I'll be talking to you periodically throughout to give you updates on progress.

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Hi, all,

I've had a couple of questions about making the Wonder City episodes readable offline, and so I am mulling how to go about this.

Once I determine which format(s) to create, I'm going to start posting downloadable episodes when I post an episode. I will then work my way through the earlier episodes of Volume 3, providing offline versions of each ep.

Please respond to this poll if you have an opinion on the subject!

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 10

If there were offline-readable versions of episodes, what formats would folks prefer?

View Answers

4 (40.0%)

7 (70.0%)

1 (10.0%)

3 (30.0%)

Other (specified in comments)
1 (10.0%)

If I were to make collections of episodes of completed arcs available for download, would folks be willing to pay a nominal fee (like $1.99 or so) for them?

View Answers

5 (55.6%)

4 (44.4%)

0 (0.0%)

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We're hovering at 19 votes in the past week on Top Web Fiction. Can we get to 20?

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I commissioned another portrait of a Wonder City Stories character from Alex Heberling. Like Tinkermel, Madame is just drop-dead GORGEOUS.
Cut for big image )
Remember, you can still click here to get your 5th anniversary thank-you gift! As I mentioned, you have a choice of two versions of the short story collection, depending on if you want an all-new NSFW episode or not.
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Happy 5th Anniversary!

I can hardly believe I'm still here, and still writing, after 5 years. It's because of you, the readers, and knowing (or hoping) you're out there, wanting to read the next episode, of course.

There's still a lot of excitement in store for volume 3, and I've even begun mulling volume 4. I have spinoffs—yeah, spinoffs other than Compass Rose—running around in my head, and more short stories, and prequels, and all sorts of mess. The Wonder City universe is still exciting for me, and still providing me fertile ground for creativity.

I'm currently shopping a heavily-edited volume 1 around. I don't know what will happen with that, but I'm very pleased with the changes and think that I have improved the story and characters (particularly the characters of Megan and Nereid) vastly over the web serial incarnation of volume 1. I hope very much to be able to get it out there for even more people to read, and to be able to move on to editing volume 2 similarly.

I also have a couple totally unrelated novels kicking around in various states of completion, and I should really concentrate on getting at least one of them knocked off and out to market sometime. I'm hoping to do that sometime this summer.

So things are still happening, things are still exciting, and I hope Wonder City Stories will be around for a long time to come! I hope you all will stick with me in all the dark and twisty passage I troop into with these stories.

IN THE MEANTIME, click here to get your thank-you gift!

As I mentioned, you have a choice of two versions, depending on if you want an all-new NSFW episode or not.

Thank you all again, and I hope you have been enjoying and continue to enjoy Wonder City Stories!

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Hi, all,

I know I've been kind of scattershot with posting episodes over the past few months, after having my stutter-stop hiatus in the first half of the year, and I'm very sorry. Now here I am to say that I'm on hiatus for the month of December. I have one small writing deadline and one biiiig writing deadline this month on top of my day job and my freelance work, and something has to give. I'm in a really complicated piece of the Wonder City plot, and I don't want to do it in a slipshod way just to get something up. And I would rather make it an official hiatus, so people aren't waiting and hoping, and write it as well as I can.

So I hope you'll join me again in January 2014, when I resume posting episodes. Hopefully, 2014 will be a better year for EVERYONE, including the Wonder City Stories gang!

Thank you for hanging in with me!
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Hi, all:

Between a short, errand-ful vacation this past week, a surprise freelance gig, and being stuck on a particularly difficult and yet, I feel, necessary episode, I missed last week's update and broke my streak. Alas, I do suck. I'm going to try to knock this sticky episode off and get the story moving again by the end of the week.

Many apologies, and thank you for sticking with me!
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It's been a while since I was able to pull my brain together to actually update this volume, with lots of interludes in the way. There've been a bunch of emergencies, illnesses, brainsucking situations, and life changes, and I apologize to you all for dropping the ball so profoundly on posting. I haven't had writer's block this badly in years.

But I have one episode waiting and more coming out of the writing pipes, so let's get things restarted with a recap of the first 23 episodes. Look for a new episode -- finally -- at the end of next week!

#1 Somewhere That's Green: Megan Amazon lets us know that there's Trouble in Wonder City.
#2 All Alone in the Night: Ira Feldstein knows there's something seriously wrong, but what can an old blind (if moderately invulnerable) man do?
#3 I Have Measured Out My Life in Coffee Spoons: Angelica Luna is an old friend of Simon's, and Simon has turned to her for help.
#4 They Tell Me That I'll Move Forward for the Good of Us All: Things are messed up with Nereid too, but at least she and Sophie are still together, right?
#5 How Dystopically Futuristic: Renata and Floribunda have been forcibly relocated.
#6 The Truth Is Out There: Ira meets with not only Madame Destiny, but with a whole host of other Concerned Citizens.
#7 Escape Velocipede: Angelica's neighborhood has gotten more dangerous, but fortunately, it's Kit Castaneda to the rescue!
#8 Storm Warning: The Young Cosmics decide to go deal with a problem without their brains OR their heavy hitters.
#9 Am I Invisible? Am I Inaudible?: The concerned citizens gather in Madame's living room again and debate possible actions.
#10 First Contact: Renata meets one of the minds behind what's going on.
#11 Committing to Sparkle Motion: Pearl Wong recruits Angelica, and gets a bonus TinkerMel.
#12 The Fall of the House at Marigold Lane: Ira goes to talk to Watson Holmes.
#13 Enter the Dragon: The Young Cosmics' backer reacts to their terrible gaffe.
#14 Where We Must Be: Renata meets the para behind the hell breaking loose in the US.
#15 The Inevitable Law of Revelation: The concerned citizens in Madame Destiny's living room make some discoveries and Lady Justice makes a decision.
#16 Ringed Round: X confronts Sophie.
#17 Wide Awake in Wonder City: Angelica and Kit go on a date.
#18 All the Pretty Little Horses: Do not try to force happy-fun telepath into doing what you want.
#19 Locked Room of One's Own Mystery: Lady Justice and company get some heavy-duty help.
#20 Partying the Hard Way: Nereid, Sophie, and X meet up in Lucid's Dream Party for some sub rosa conversation.
#21 Nothing Says Lovin' Like Somethin' From the Oven: Kit cooks up dinner for Angelica and her friend Kendis.
#22 Resistance Is Futile: Suzanne gives Ira some bad news.
#23 Torschlusspanik: The Mystikai of Wonder City have a meeting.
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I have just had brought to my attention the existence of a game called "Wonder City!" being featured on a PBS site. The game is associated with a PBS documentary called "Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines".

NOTE: Wonder City Stories and I are not associated with this game in any way.

I have attempted to contact the producers of the game, and am awaiting a response.
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*throws lots of sparkly confetti*

I have designated -- a little arbitrarily, I confess -- May 9 as the anniversary of Wonder City Stories. And, as you may have guessed from the subject header, today marks THREE YEARS of Wonder City Stories!

So much of this is because of you, my loyal readers -- everyone who has left a comment over the last three years, or spread the word to friends, or written a review has given me that little boost I needed to keep going. Your kindness during my more difficult times has been heartwarming, and your response when I've run particular promotions for donations has sometimes made me very sniffly.

Thank you, particularly, to Leah Morgan for her kind work on wrangling the Wonder City DW into prettier shape and for providing such gorgeous logos and banners for me. Now I just have to get off my duff and back at Project Wonderful to use them!

Thank you all so much for your love and responses over the past 3 years.

Volume 3!

A note about the timeframe of the various volumes:
- Volume 1 started in September 2009, and ended New Year's Eve 2009
- Volume 2 started in January 2010 and ended in June 2010
- Volume 3 starts in Spring 2012

Yes, that means we are jumping ahead almost 2 years in the lives of our favorite characters.

We will also have a brand new POV character added to the mix!

I am planning to post at least the first episode before I run off to WisCon this month. That means that I have to wrap up Zoltan's Interlude pretty quickly.

Zoltan's Interlude!

I very much hope that y'all have been enjoying this peek into our favorite vampire's life and Family. He wanted so much more than a short story, and it has been a very gratifying novella to write.

In case you're interested in another type of vampire that pretty well inspired Zoltan's Family, I encourage you to seek out Fledgling by Octavia Butler.

Thank You All For Everything!

As my tiny, not-nearly-enough thank-you, I will be posting the next episode of Zoltan's Interlude this afternoon/tonight, and I think there are, at most, 2 more episodes of Zoltan before we get on to the business of Volume 3.

Volume 3 promises to be a VERY bumpy ride. Please stick with us and continue to spread word of Wonder City. I look forward to your comments (and screams)!

Want to make me happy today? Click this banner to vote for Wonder City Stories. Even if you've never voted before. I'd love to see how many total votes we could get in a real push!

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The marvelous [personal profile] meeks has updated her sketch of Death, her boys, Watson, and Megan in Death's shop.

She has also given us a really lovely sketch of Sophie and Nereid in the Young Cosmics parlor. Remember? From this scene?

Please go comment on the posts or tip the artist if you can! She's marvelous for doing these free initial sketches, and will revise the initial sketches if she gets enough comments!
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Hi, all!

I was part of a roundtable discussion with a number of other LGBTQ writers, talking about a number of excellent topics about being a queer creator and just being queer.

Denny Upkins, author of Hollowstone, organized it and put it all together, and I was very flattered that he invited me to participate! I think it came out very well, and I also suspect that everyone else was much more eloquent than I was. :} So be sure to check it out! There's even a photo of me and everything.
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Hey, all you lovely people: Happy New Year!

I stalled quite a while in creating a new store for Wonder City merch, but this vacation finally provided me with the mental wherewithal to do so. I'm still working on the design of the shop, but viola, I present Wonder City Wonders at Cafe Press.

Because several of you have mentioned that you would like it, I have added a new design: Team Simon, created with the assistance of the wonderful tool Tagxedo and the input of you readers. I hope very much that the design on shirts (and whatnot) comes out as well as the previews appear to make it. (And oh gods if you see any artifacts left on the image, please let me know so I can clean it up.)

If you like it (or the Intersection design) and would like to spread Wonder City joy to your friends, I would certainly welcome new reader traffic! I note that Cafe Press seems to make sharing pretty darn easy.

Thank you, everyone, for a marvelous 2011. I'm looking forward to 2012, wherein I hope to:
- complete volume 2
- post the last outstanding Interlude
- post a couple more Interludes that have been simmering on the back burner
- possibly post a bit from another project I've been poking at
- start volume 3!

On a final note, nominations have opened for the Rose & Bay Awards for crowdfunded projects. Last year, someone kindly nominated Wonder City Stories for this award, and I would certainly not be averse to seeing it nominated again!
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Remember the sketch that [personal profile] meeks did of Molly in Hel's office?

She has updated it, and it is BEAUTIFUL.

Please go and look, and comment, and tip if you have the means.
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Zazzle decided that my most recent t-shirt design ("Robot Fag Hag") was in violation of their guidelines, the presence of a multitude of other products containing the phrase "fag hag" and "fag". I attempted to point out the use of the phrase in the community, and also the other products, but their Content Management police were also plagued by a terminal lack of reading comprehension.

Therefore, I have closed the Wonder City Zazzle store and will be actively seeking a better (read: actually gay-friendly) venue for schwag. Suggestions are welcome.


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