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The third batch of single-card draws!

For anonymous
Madame Destiny is wearing a close-fitting black dress with a swirling white, brown, and grey print pattern up the left side, depicting various animals in a style imitating Susan Seddon Boulet's paintings. There is a mesh-like white wrap thrown around her shoulders that is studded with brown beads and hung with feathers, and her turban is charcoal grey with a large silver brooch of a howling wolf at the center. Her arms clink with an abundance of silver bangles as she expertly shuffles the cards and deals one to you.

The card depicts a flying man in very human-shaped grey steel armor and a blank white faceplate with square eyeslits, through which blue eyes are visible. Under his arm are three longswords, each of a different design, and his flight trail leads down to a burning vehicle, where two more swords are stuck in the ground, being defended by two figures in robes, their long staves burning with what are clearly meant to be magical energies. The card is upright to you.

"This card is of Ferrus, the Self-Made Man," Madame says. "You don't hear much about him these days, but he was rather a scandal during the war. You see, he wanted to be part of the Gold Star Brigade, but wasn't para, so he spent some of his rather large fortune to hire a mad scientist to build him a suit of fighting armor. The Gold Stars still wouldn't take him, so he decided to become a vigilante soldier, and eventually settled on the goal of saving some of the priceless art that the Nazis were making off with or destroying. He had some success, though no one's quite sure where he was storing the works he rescued. Then one day, he swooped in and made off with three of five great and ancient swords he thought were being stolen by some of the Nazi Mystikai. Sadly, these were five of the swords of Wayland, being smuggled into France by British Mystikai in hopes of summoning Charlemagne's Knights to free France, and one sword he took was the key to that summoning. Because he was acting alone, he didn't know about the greater plan, you see."

"The Self-Made Man is the five of swords in this deck," she continues. "And as such, indicates that one of the influences in your life right now is someone -- whether it is you or someone you're close to -- who is acting alone, primarily in his or her own self-interest, and not paying attention to the effects on people around him or her. This is hard to overcome, even if it is yourself, because there may be many reasons for such self-interest -- protection and pain being two that I can think of. But the card is upright -- there aren't major consequences pending at this time, and it may just be a frustration right now." She smiles and says, "I hope that helps, dear."

For [personal profile] kore
It is perhaps unclear at first as to whether you are sitting at the table with a very upright rose garden or Madame Destiny. Her dark-green hat is heavily laden with blood-red silk roses, and her dark-green dress is printed all over with similar roses. She is wearing a sizeable fresh red rose corsage caught together with a silver band sporting a red cloisonne rose, and she is wearing silver rose earrings, a heavy silver collar with a red gold rose in the hollow of her throat. She is wearing black lace fingerless gloves, whose lace is full of rose patterning. Madame slides a card onto the tabletop.

The card shows a magnificent white skyscraper, shaped by the geometric lines of Art Deco styling, stretching into a cloudless azure firmament. The card is reversed to you.

"That is the Excalibur Building, designed by the same architectural firm that designed the Empire State Building -- you might notice a resemblance -- and one of Wonder City's finest attractions before Count Tomorrow moved the Trylon and Perisphere here. The Excalibur housed, among other things, the Gold Stars Publishing Company, purveyors of cheap literature and licensed comic books, and the first corporate office for the Guardians." She smiles. "Someday, I'll tell you why the building doesn't exist any more, but we don't really have time for that today."

"In this deck, the Excalibur is the ace of swords, a card that is all about words and communication. Given that it is reversed here, I think it's safe to say that one of the major influences in your life right now is bad or negative communication, words that hurt more than they could ever help. Possibly your own words are trapped by the whole mesh of other words entrapping you." Madame contemplates the card a moment, then says, "Perhaps this can help you focus on how to get away from one of the things that's holding you down. These things do pass, but the ace is indicative of strong and persistent influences. Come talk to me again, if you like, and we'll see about doing a larger reading that might give you some ideas. In the meantime, dear, I hope this helps."

For [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon
Madame's dress is a wraparound, ankle-length confection of peacock blues and greens, with a black turban adorned with a fascinator of peacock feathers. There is a large gold pendant nestled against her breastbone sporting a large circular green and blue cabochon that looks almost Earth-like, and a pair of matching bracelets at her wrists. She finishes shuffling her deck and snaps a card onto the table.

The card shows a muscular black woman in jeans, blue work shirt, heavy leather gloves, and goggles, her hair under a red kerchief, standing on a steel beam overlooking a cityscape, wielding a heavy-duty pneumatic rivet gun. Close examination shows that none of the beams around her are riveted, yet they are holding together and holding her up. The card is reversed to you.

"That's Alice Anderson, who was nicknamed the Riveter, but never went into costume or the Army," she says, tapping the card. "She was one of many black para women whose powers were never tested by the government because, well, it was bad enough to let a black man or two into the Gold Stars, you know," Madame adds with deep sarcasm, "without letting in black women. She had magnetic powers, and we'll never know how powerful she was, because when testing went universal, she refused her notices, saying that the country had had their chance to test her and declined it -- and the courts supported her. During the war, she got work in both factories assembling war vehicles and in building construction, and after the war, she formed her own construction company. She was pushed out of New York City by the city government and the unions, and ended up in Wonder City. Her company built many of the skyscrapers here, and started the tradition of African American women working in construction and owning their own companies that resulted in the Ultimate starting her own company here in the 1990s."

"This is the seven of pentacles, the card of the hard, steady worker. I think that right now, given this card being reversed, you are working very hard and competently, and feeling somewhat frustrated that you're not seeing more success and recognition. There's something in the system that's preventing you from getting the rewards you deserve, and perhaps it is time to consider a change of strategy or direction." Madame smiles kindly. "If you work at your own success as hard as you work at your job, I think you'll see results. I hope that helps, dear."

Date: 2013-03-04 02:16 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kore
OMG I LOVE roses. Beautiful!

Date: 2013-03-08 07:19 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
A few days later, a thank-you card arrives in the mail, apparently printed rather than hand-written. "Thank you for the reading. Ferrus could have used some help, and so do I. I hope that telling the truth to my stalkers was all I needed to do -- they've backed off and promised not to hunt me now -- but I guess we'll see where the energies flow, and who really has a grudge."

There is an insert, a slip of paper with a magical seal imprinted on it. "To whomever needs me" is printed below, in a cursive font. It appears to be a minor seal of protection, one that when activated will put its energies into whichever aspect of the holder needs protecting until its energies are gone. It might be enough to stop a bullet or two, or turn away a run of really bad luck before burning out.


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