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The first batch of single-card draws!

For [personal profile] beetiger
Madame Destiny is wearing a fox-colored, tea-length, three-quarter-sleeved dress with wide black borders at the cuffs and full circle hem. A sprawling silver and citrine necklace decorates the abundant cleavage shown by the scoop neck, with matching teardrop earrings hanging almost to her shoulders. Her tight black turban is unadorned today. She shuffles her cards neatly and flips a card onto the table before you.

The card shows a statuesque woman with dark skin, rippling black hair past her shoulders, and long, graceful, upright horns rising from her temples. She is wearing a sleeveless blue dress with a tight bodice and a flowing skirt to just above her ankles. A large shield-like bronze pendant covers part of her chest, held in place by many strands of finely-strung blue beads. A bright solar glow lights the space between her horns, making the contents of the bowl she holds in her outstretched hands glow with golden fire. The card is upright to you.

"This is Hathor," Madame says, resting her fingertips lightly on the card. "As you may know, in Egyptian mythology, she is the goddess of love, motherhood, and music, and her paranormal avatar mostly followed these lines. During the war, for instance, she spent most of her time in the villages affected by the Italian and Nazi invasions, as well as the worst parts of Cairo, carrying food and medicine to the neediest people. She was also an able warrior at need, though, and certainly gave the Axis something to fear on the borders of her land."

"In this deck," she continues, "Hathor is the Page of Cups, and, upright, I believe she indicates that a wealth of love and caring is available to you, both to use and to be given. An excellent harbinger for the spring!" She sweeps the card into her deck and smiles, adding, "I hope that helps, dear."

For [personal profile] magentagirl
Today, Madame is wearing a turquoise wrap dress with a fine pattern of tiny black fleur de lis. Her broad-brimmed hat matches the turquoise of the dress, and is trimmed with a veritable bouquet of white feathers at the band. Her necklace and earrings are all yellow gold and onyx, shining and smooth. She cuts her deck and snaps a card onto the table before you.

It depicts a woman dressed as a pirate: black tricorn, eyepatch, blue frock coat, trousers, and shining cavalier boots. She is clearly enormous, standing with each foot on a battleship. She has five U-boats gathered in her arms, dripping water and a few sailors. A wicked cutlass is shoved through her belt and looks like it could cleave a skyscraper in half. The card is reversed to you.

"That's Grace O'Massive, Scourge of the Seven Seas," Madame says with a grin. "She was completely notorious -- had her own pirate ship that looked like a tall ship, but was actually under engine power; had her own pirate band, some of whom were mad scientists who developed new technology for her ships; and she spent her time looting cargo ships and occasional passenger vessels. She was known for her strict sense of honor -- no civilians were to be hurt, and ships would always be left with enough supplies and fuel to get to shore. Once the war started, though, she was outraged by the behavior of the German U-boats, and she went to a great deal of trouble to throw a monkeywrench into the German fleet. The problem was that she was, at times, overwhelmed by odds, and she refused to work with any other ocean-based paras."

"In this deck, she represents the seven of swords." Madame examines the card gravely. "I think, with the reversal, there may be a message here about trying to go it alone, and doing all right at it, but not doing the best that one could if one worked with others. This may be about you needing to depend more on others, or it may be about a frustration you're having with someone else who is 'lone-wolfing' it and consequently making your life more difficult. But I'm definitely getting the feeling that cooperation and, more specifically, collaboration is lacking in your life right now." She pats your hand. "Be assured that it will pass. I hope that helps, dear."

For [personal profile] wrenstarling
This morning, Madame Destiny is wearing a hip-length red and silver brocade jacket over a plain ankle-length black dress. The remarkable thing about this jacket is the upright, black-laced-edge collar that spreads out stiffly, Elizabethan fashion, to frame her face and show above the top of her head. Her hat is a square cap made of the same brocade, and adorned with a vast, sparkling starburst pin with a quail-egg-sized garnet-colored cabochon in the center. Her fingers are liberally ringed with silver and garnet, and the rings clunk against the melamine tabletop when she lays the card in front of you.

The card shows a young, slender androgynous figure in dark blue bodysuit and a black bolero jacket. This person is wearing a simple black mask that covers only the top of the face, and is carrying a fighting staff with silver caps on either end. The background is a nighttime rooftop with a crescent moon in the sky and a caped figure in the distance. The card is upright to you.

"This is Domino, the Midnight Mask's sidekick," Madame says, pointing to the card with one exquisitely manicured finger. "Two Dominos didn't survive the war, which really quite scarred the Midnight Mask, who was very bitter about his young men. Really, what can one expect in a war, after all? But those fellows were very young, very impulsive, very interested in being a hero. The third Domino joined after the war, and was a steadier sort -- a little older, and little wiser. I've been told his family had depended on him very much, so he was a bit parentalized, I suppose, for such a young man. He eventually took the mantle of Midnight Mask himself, though he did have a few rough scrapes."

"I remember you from last year," Madame says, giving you a wink. "At the time, I think, you were gathering energy for something new. Domino is the Page of Wands in this deck. You're just getting started on your road, you're learning how to wrangle that energy along with everything else. You're a learner, a little beyond an apprentice but still on your learning curve for action. Things are happening, though, and I definitely think you're on the right course." She smiles and tucks the card back into the deck. "I hope that helps, dear."


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