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I kind of like this leaping lightly from one cliffhanger to another.

“Well,” said President Arrowheart pleasantly, as she approached with a cadre of what looked like bruiser bodyguards but were probably a cabinet of ministers. Tom and Christopher, who had been staring, morbidly fascinated, into the water, looked up at her. “Shall we get this started? Best for all concerned, I think.” She stepped up onto the wooden platform which held the dunking stool and drew the black glove off her right hand, then drew her sword.

The Dean, who had put her coat on for the occasion, said, “Let’s not faff about. I’ll go first.”

The President seemed about to agree, but then set the sword blade down in front of her and put her palm on the pommel. There was a brief, awkward silence, and she said, “No. The young man goes first,” in a curiously flat voice.

Christopher shot the Dean a terrified look. The Dean frowned and stepped toward the platform. “There’s no reason,” she began.

“The Light of Freedom states that the young man should go first. Then the young woman. You, you will endure last,” said President Arrowheart, still in that flat, no-nonsense tone.

“What the hell is the Light of Freedom?” asked Tom of no one in particular. She cast another sideways look at the water. No one else seemed to find its contents surprising.

“Don’t you know?” murmured a woman in tattered leathers standing next to her. “That’s the miraculous speaking sword. The President carries it and interprets its wisdom to us.”

Tom went cold. “Dean!” she shouted. “It’s Her!”

The Dean, however, seemed already cognizant of this. She leapt for the platform and for the sword. For a few long moments, it seemed as though the sheer surprise and audacity of it would carry her through: she wrested the sword away from the President and seized Eleanor’s wrist. The Dean yanked Eleanor's hand around to display the pattern branded on the palm to the gathered crowd. The strange angular marks glittered in the sun.

They stood for a moment like that, staring at one another, the Dean gripping the sword in her off-hand, Eleanor glaring defiance at the Dean. Their black coats billowed in the morning wind.

Then the ministers closed on them, dragging the Dean away from Eleanor.

Eleanor Arrowheart pulled her black glove back on and turned her back on the crowd.

Date: 2012-11-01 01:09 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] the_rck
I'm glad you're having fun with the cliffhangers. I'm not sure I'm so happy with them-- I want to know what happens next too badly, and you make me wait. (Except, just saying that, I feel like I'm pouting, and I'm not sure pouting is ever justified.) Anyway, I'm still having fun.

Thanks for writing!

Date: 2012-11-01 02:27 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] heavenscalyx
:) Well, I'll get back to Wonder City soon and that will be somewhat less cliffhangy. :) Glad you're still having fun with the Dean, though!


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