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The more I thought about it, the more Simon Says turned into a linksoup with some editorial comments. So be it -- maybe it will evolve into more commentary, especially when I hit stories that set off Commentary Muse, who sometimes gets eloquent but mostly splutters in rage. Please feel free to discuss any of the links in the comments, though!

First, some good news:

- The hospital where a transwoman was mocked and refused treatment has changed its policies and is mandating training for all staff on gender identities and sexual orientations.

- An ex-Memphis police officer has pled guilty to using excessive force against a transwoman he was booking. Guess since the beating was caught on video, he didn't have a lot of room to deny it! Still, 2 years is a damned light sentence.

- Transpeople in Pennsylvania no longer need proof of surgery to have their gender changed on their driver's licenses!

- Roger Ebert blogs about marriage equality.

- Last week marked the 90th anniversary of women's suffrage. Ninety years. Still within living memory, folks.

- And, of course, everyone has heard of Judge Walker's judgment against Prop 8. Alas, a Blog talks about some of the funniest bits of his refusal to stay same-sex marriages in California.

- Peter and Paul (of Peter, Paul & Mary) send a Cease and Desist letter to the antigay National Organization for Marriage, which has been using the PP&M recording of Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" during their rallies. GO GO PP&M. (Note: the only reason Mary isn't cosigned on this is because she passed away in 2009.)

- Doulas in NYC have organized to support women who are receiving abortions, as well as those who are carrying to term. Surprise, surprise, women get abortions for a lot of reasons, and it's never an easy choice. Having a nonjudgmental support person is terrifically important for many women. These doulas are fucking awesome and courageous as hell.

Not good news:

- A gay high school student in Minnesota committed suicide in response to anti-gay bullying that teachers failed to stop. In the same school district, apparently, where another student (straight) was bullied out of the school district by teachers using gay slurs against him.

- The Original Blue Ranger (of the Power Rangers) talks about how homophobic bullying from directors, producers, and crew members forced him to walk off the show, suicidal and seeking Christian ex-gay "therapy." Neo-prodigy puts the videos of the interview in context with his own experiences and some excellent commentary from Genderbitch.

- Do you think ex-gay "therapy" is just talk? No, no, no. It includes emotional abuse, quack techniques, and torture that would do the Bush administration proud.

- An article about the gay and lesbian cadets in hiding at West Point because of DADT. They lie, dodge, and tolerate homophobic remarks because coming out means dismissal from the school.

- The Catholic Church is sticking its long nose in where it isn't welcome, trying to put down marriage equality and gay adoption in Mexico. Remember, these are the people who encourage the spread of HIV with their policies on condoms! Like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, the Catholic Church needs to sit down and shut the fuck up while the grownups are talking.

- I really wish Apple would stop with the Gay!Fail, because I used to love them lots. This time, they edit out Lady Gaga's gay-positive Tweets as part of their Ping sample.

- Caster Semenya is back on the track, but her opponents are still whining in protest that she's allowed to compete as a woman.

- Someone has finally done a study of domestic abuse against transpeople, and the numbers are horrible.

- A black off-duty NYPD cop called 911 for police assistance, and the white cops that showed up attacked, beat, and pepper-sprayed him.

- US women (this article discusses women in Texas) are going to Mexico for abortions or abortifacients because of the horrific climate of judgment in the US. US women are also trying to self-induce abortions rather than going to clinics that are unsafe because of "pro-life" fanatics, too expensive, or inaccessible.

- Why do men think this kind of shit is complimentary to women?

To close on an up note, here is the magnificent Calpernia Addams, with a word to the wise as to what questions NOT to ask transfolk.

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