Jun. 15th, 2012

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Madame Destiny sees all! Knows all! And might tell you some of it!

For five thin dollars, she will draw one card from her World War II Wonder City Wonders Tarot deck and tell you what is most dominant in your life right now!

For a mere fifteen dollars, she will either answer a question (3-card reading) or give you an abbreviated general reading (5-card Perisphere-and-Trylon reading)!

For the simple investment of forty-five dollars, she will give you the benefit of all her considerable skills and perform a full (10-card) reading!

This offer will be open until Monday, June 18, 2012!


My freelancing is a little thin on the ground right now, so I thought I'd offer another set of Madame Destiny readings. Think of it as buying Madame some tea while learning some Wonder City backstory! Remember, all these readings are done *in character* as Madame.

If you missed the earlier set of readings, here are the links them:
One-card Readings, Part 1
One-card Readings, Part 2
One-card Readings, Part 3
One-card Readings, Part 4
Full reading #1
Full reading #2
Full reading #3

Also, really, can you resist seeing what she'll wear *next* time?

- $5 for a one-card draw.
- $15 for either a 3-card answer to a specific question or a 5-card general reading.
- $45 for a full 10-card reading.


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