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LGBT Pride Storybundle!

Because I forgot to post here earlier, you now have THREE DAYS to get our LGBT Storybundle, curated by Melissa Scott! See here for Melissa's post about the Storybundle, but here's a quote:

I've made some arbitrary decisions. First, no novels in which being queer means you're evil, nor any in which it's a doomed and tragic fate. There are places for the latter, but this is June and Pride Month, and I want to share books that celebrate queerness. I've also decided to focus on small press offerings, as they are more likely to be overlooked than books from the mainstream houses. I've tried to pick newer novels, and to reintroduce some older writers, and in general to include books and writers who you might not have seen yet.

FIVE basic books in the bundle, including:
- The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by KJ Charles
- The Mystic Marriage by Heather Rose Jones
- Riley Parra Season One by Geonn Cannon
- Out of This World by Catherine Lundoff
- Wonder City Stories by Jude McLaughlin

If you pay at least $15, you unlock the SEVEN bonus books by Jo Graham, Melissa Scott, Catherine Lundoff, Steve Berman, and more!