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A one-card reading for Vicki!

Today, Madame Destiny is wearing an electric blue chiffon dress with a rather daring neckline and a matching broad-brimmed garden hat with a long arching blue-dyed ostrich plume tucked in its band. A butter-yellow gold book chain dangles a round cobalt-blue enameled locket above her cleavage, and she is wearing gold rings with sapphires on both hands.

"So you would like a wedding reading!" she exclaims cheerfully, shuffling her Tarot deck like she belongs in Vegas. "What a lovely occasion! Let's see what the Wonder City Wonders deck tells us today." She peels off a card and sets it down facing you.

On the card is a young woman with tired, dark, yet piercing eyes, standing on a dock with a steamer trunk and a suitcase beside her. She is wearing a brown overcoat over a blue dress and a matching brown saucer of a hat, with curled dark hair showing under the brim. Improbably nearby, the Statue of Liberty gleams from its island. The woman holds a shining pentacle in one white-gloved hand, and her luggage is also marked with pentacles. "This is Eva Goldhaber, standing for the Page of Pentacles. We don't know a great deal about her family or origins, but we do know that in late 1938, she escaped Germany and managed to board a steamer out of France. She came to America alone, with some money but no apparent contacts. Within a few years of coming here, she showed up at the Gold Stars Brigade's compound to help them negotiate with a new Mystikai who had been causing trouble among some of the armed forces, and as Sister Psyche she went on to assist other hero groups with their contacts with the Mystikai and with a variety of magical mysteries and villains."

Madame folds her hands atop her deck. "The thing to remember is that in her role as the Page, she is young and freshly on her road on a new endeavor. I think she is a marvelous omen for your wedding, my dear. Do you know, Eva only died a couple of years ago, at 95? She travelled and solved problems and lectured until she was nearly 90, and was certainly one of the most successful women in my 'industry' I've ever met. Saved the world twice that I know of." She beams at you. "Congratulations, my dear, and I wish you and yours the greatest joy."


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