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Hi, all,

My long-time friend Leah -- the original person upon whom the character of Lucid, the dream courier, in Wonder City Stories and Ephemera (and the rest of the web serial) was based -- has just been diagnosed with metastatic inflammatory breast cancer. She is disabled and has not been able to get federal disability, so she doesn't have income.

She has already started chemo, because her particular form of cancer is very aggressive and they need to knock it down ASAP. In the near future, she's facing surgery and probably radiation.

For more details, check out her Youcaring fundraiser.

To help her out, Madame and I are running a fundraiser. ALL proceeds go to Leah.

What you get for what you donate:
$10: A single card draw interpreted by Madame Destiny.

$25: Either a 3-card answer to a specific question or a 5-card general reading, interpreted by Madame Destiny.

$50: A full 10-card reading interpreted by Madame Destiny.

$100+: A full 10-card reading interpreted by Madame Destiny AND a signed copy of Wonder City Stories, Ephemera, OR Absolute Power!: Tales of Queer Villainy (only 5 of this last book available)

$500+: A full 10-card reading interpreted by Madame Destiny, signed copies of all three books, AND a thank-you in the acknowledgements of my next Wonder City Stories book.

You can leave a comment here, in the PayPal donation, or send me email if you don't want me to post your reading on Dreamwidth and would rather have me email it to you.

Here are links to some of the earlier readings Madame and I did:
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If you're not interested in a Madame Destiny reading, please do contribute to the Youcaring fundraiser and/or signal boost it and this one.