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There are (currently) 6 point-of-view characters for Wonder City Stories. There are also several important recurring characters that they interact with, as well as a widely varied background cast. The list may have a few minor spoilers.

Point-of-View Characters (order of appearance)

Megan Amazon: Yes, she is the daughter of The Amazon. Megan has struck out on her own and come to Wonder City to seek her fortune. Or something. She's superstrong and invulnerable, and really really tall. First appearance: #1 Welcome to the Jungle City.

Ira Feldstein: Once upon a time, Ira was Mr. Metropolitan, the smiling gentleman protector of the harassed citizens of Wonder City. Now, he works the reception desk at the Young Paranormals Christian Association by night and by day cares for his comatose son Josh. He's somewhat strong and invulnerable, which is making treating illnesses of old age a pain. First appearance: #2 Pied-à-terre.

Suzanne Feldstein: Ira's daughter-in-law, Suzanne is the breadwinner for the Feldsteins while her husband Josh remains in his ten-year-long coma. Tired and bitter? Oh, yes. Also, no superpowers. First appearance: #5 Time and Again.

Nereid: Daughter of a pair of retired third-line superheroes, Nereid is trying to make her mark in the superhero world. She's got a bit of a rum start, though, with the Young Cosmics. Nereid controls and generates water. First appearance: #6 Falling a Little Flat.

Renata Scott: (New POV character for Volume 2: Deep Freeze) A Class 10 telepath, Renata lives alone deep under Wonder City, working with autistic youth (at a distance) and basically living her life, which she can't do if she's too close to people physically. This gives her a unique perspective on happenings in the world above. First appearance: Vol II #1 An Introduction, For Which We Step a Little Back in Time

Angelica Luna: (New POV character for Volume 3: Trust No. #1) A para who has been friends with Simon since college. She's living in her old neighborhood again, despite the major changes she's made in her life. Angelica's a very minor para, able to raise and lower light levels in a small space. First appearance: Vol III #3 I Have Measured Out My Life in Coffee Spoons

Other Major Characters (alphabetically)

The Amazon: Retired superhero turned security entrepreneur, and Megan's mother. Former member of the Gold Stars. Ira knew her when, and has referred to her as "Maggie Tottenham." Her powers are very like her daughter's, though she's got some extras from her gods. First appearance: #22 Human Nature is a Mother.

Andrea Morgenstern: Ira's first wife and Josh's mother in the current timeline. Enjoying her retirement with her current husband, and trying to be supportive of Suzanne. She's somewhat strong and was invulnerable years ago, but that's faded with time. First appearance: #14 Memory Sticks.

Brainchild: Teen supergenius of the Young Cosmics, she seems to have made a hobby of confusing Nereid. First appearance: #12 Life on the Dream Team.

Simon Canis: A mighty coffee-slinger at the Great Scot Coffeehouse who provided Megan with her first friend in Wonder City and hooks her up with a way to get out of staying at the Y. He's a shapechanger. First appearance: #8 Better Than Coffee.

Citizen Pain: Wide-eyed, wonderfully polite android superhero and member of the Young Cosmics. First appearance: #12 Life on the Dream Team.

Flo: Wife of Ebb, mother of Nereid. An ex-third-line-superhero turned waitress and owner of the Stars N' Garters Diner. Like her daughter, she generates and controls water. First appearance: #3 Going With the Flow.

G: Hot older lesbian architect -- maybe paranormal? -- who lives in the same apartment house as Megan and Simon. First appearance: #33 La Soirée.

Madame Destiny: Almost-elderly fortuneteller and vessel of the Mystikai known as The Oracle. Active since the 1960s, Madame is known for her knack with Tarot cards and her amazing wardrobe. First (speaking) appearance: #17 The Arithmetic of Memory

The Equestrian: She made a deal with a faerie horse in 1941 and hasn't physically aged a day since then. She's also got magic. First appearance: #33 La Soirée.

Tin Lizzie: Ira's wife, Josh's mother, and first-line superhero in the timeline as it existed before the events of the Great Gulf. Or was she? First mentioned: #5 Time and Again.
A young woman who took the name first appeared in Who Can Surprise Well Must Conquer

Watson Holmes: One of the people living in Zoltan's house, her parents were rampaging Conan Doyle fans. Just as well, since she's taken up the career of "consulting detective." First appearance: #35 Boardinghouse Reach

X: Brainchild's best friend and the apprentice of Madame Destiny, future vessel for the Mystikai known only as The Oracle. Fabulous genderqueer androgyne with a flair for Takarazuka-style fashion. First appearance: #32 Nothing But Bonfires

Zoltan Farkas: Owns the Victorian mansion on Marigold Lane and has turned it into an apartment house. Landlord to Megan, Simon, Jack Hammer, G, Watson, and some others. Lives in the basement, possibly per his vampiric proclivities. First appearance: #23 A Customary Incident in the Life of a Solicitor's Clerk.


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