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Readings, part the first
Readings, part the second
Readings, part the third

This is the final set of one-card readings!
A card for Ariestess )
A card for Anonymous on DW )
A card for Beetiger )
A card for Glinda_w )

And that's it for the one-card draws. Now I have... er, well, Madame has 3 full readings to engage!

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Just in case you think the Madame Destiny readings are only for the recipients, I want to remind you that if you're into backstory for the Wonder City universe, every reading includes some historical tidbit, and many readings are fleshing out some of the early WWI and WWII heroes (and villains).

Readings, part the first
- discusses L'escrimeuse, the Guardians, and Lady Justice
Readings, part the second
- discusses Punchout O'Neil, the Harmoneris Orb, and Domino
Readings, part the third
- discusses The Flying Dutchman, Monsignore, and Molly Pitcher

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I'm going to try to do the one-card draw writeups in small batches, and I'll start getting the full readings up as soon as I can.

A Card for Finch )

A Card for Wrenstarling )

A Card for Contrarywise )

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Madame Destiny sees all and knows all! And she promises not to tell you.

Madame Destiny has been a paranormal fortuneteller and mystic located in Wonder City since she first donned her black dress with a plunging neckline in the mid-1960s. She is currently the channel for the Universal Entity known as The Oracle. Consultations with The Oracle are not available these days except for close friends and superheroes combatting world-ending threats.

However! Madame Destiny is extremely fond of performing Tarot readings, and is offering a free single-card draw to anyone who comments on this entry in the next 24 hours.

If you desire a three-card reading, a small gratuity of $10 will obtain her attention, and a full 10-card reading is available for $25. She expects that if any gratuities come in, her portion thereof will be spent on a nice dinner, a bottle of wine, or perhaps a new fringy lamp for her reading room.

She will be using her Wonder City Bulletproofs (WWII Superheroes) deck for today's readings.

Caveat: Madame is not a doctor, lawyer, psychotherapist, or any other such professional, and her readings are provided purely for their entertainment value.

And if The Oracle manifests during the reading, Madame won't tell you and will not pass on its doomful and cryptic maunderings. And you'll be happier for it, believe us.

(If you comment on this entry, asking for a card, I will write Madame's reading *in character* as a third-person monologue, describing the card and her interpretations thereof. Likewise if you provide a tip and request a larger reading. To do the readings, I will actually draw a card from one of my decks and describe the corresponding card in Madame's deck. I will post the one-card readings by next week, and I will give individual tippers estimates on the larger readings when I get requests. Requests close at 1 pm Eastern time tomorrow, 2/29/12.)


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