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The last batch of single-card draws! Soon to come: a 5-card reading and a 10-card reading.

Thanks so much for everyone who asked for a card!

For [personal profile] ariestess
Madame Destiny is wearing a sundress and matching knee-length jacket in a pattern of hundreds of tiny, star-shaped yellow, purple, and white crocuses against a pale green field. Her broad-brimmed straw hat is white and adorned with yellow silk daffodils, and she is wearing a necklace and earrings of bright white and yellow art glass in floral shapes. She only wears two rings today -- gold set with pale green peridots -- and no bracelets. She shuffles the deck briefly, cuts it, and deals the topmost card onto the table.

The card depicts a muscular man all in close-fitting black or charcoal grey, wearing a fully-concealing mask over his head, standing on a rooftop, head tilted to contemplate a full moon. His too-voluminous black cape billows in the wind. The card is reversed to you.

"This card gives us Nox the Night-Stalker," she says. "If you've read your history, you know that despite the fact that he was bulletproof and even served in World War I, the War Department announced that he had been asked to stay in Wonder City and oversee the paras remaining and emerging here. A decade or more after the war, we were told that actually, Nox had terrible shell shock, followed by a nervous breakdown, and had been given a Section 8 discharge from the Gold Stars -- who were still military at the time, remember -- some years earlier. Still, with the help of his family, he was able to help keep crime in Wonder City under control and mentor emerging paras quite successfully." She touches the card again. "Nox was best-known at the time for his ability to appear in two places at once, or at least to not be in the place where someone was attacking. He has never revealed whether that was technological or an aspect of his power. Certainly, the subsequent heirs of the mask also seemed to have the knack, but that still doesn't tell us anything."

"In this deck, Nox represents the Moon card," Madame continues. "The Moon generally translates to illusions, lies, and fear, and here Nox is reversed, so I think that some aspect of your life is so confusingly full of half-truths and facades that you are almost completely bewildered. Your choices and paths are obscured and probably very frustrating right now. I suspect that what you need is to find a way to step back and get a new perspective on the situation. The key here is to be able to perceive that there are illusions in your way. That's the first step to seeing through them." Madame turns the card upright to you. "I hope that helps, dear."

For Amy
Today, Madame is wearing a black beret, a gauzy silver scarf around her throat, a plunging white blouse, black cardigan, and a black skirt. Her hands are heavily laden with silver rings, and she has heavy silver cuffs with floral patterns on both wrists. The silver clunks against the table as she slides a card onto the table before you.

The card shows a shirtless man in a black mask, buff jodphurs, and black boots, standing under a large, complicated machine with wires attached to a metallic crown. There are also metallic bands on his wrists, and he is holding wires that have clearly burnt away from those wristbands, and he's gazing down at the burnt ends with a focused scowl. A green pirate shirt and cloak are cast aside behind him, draped carelessly over a chair. In the darkness is an odd man in goggles, operating some vaguely lit control panel. The card is upright to you.

"That image represents Colonel Corporation, a para vigilante who emerged in Wonder City during the war. He was in his mid-forties when the war started, so he avoided the draft, and he was wealthy -- as you might imagine from his name -- so he could equip himself for his 'war on crime.' While he was effective for a while, after his wife was killed by gangsters, he was never satisfied with just being superstrong and invulnerable. He wanted a power that would set him apart, and so he employed mad scientists -- some who were not particularly ethical -- to increase and change his abilities, which is suggested by the picture on this card. The concept of increasing or changing his powers became an obsession for him."

Madame picks the card up, sighs at it ruefully, and sets it back down. "The Colonel represents the five of cups in this deck. That is the card of being concerned with what you do not have and ignoring that which you do have. It's also a card of loss as well as regret. Your life is in danger of being overshadowed by your regrets about what you've lost, so much so that you aren't paying attention to the things you have. The thing to remember is that the essence of coping with loss is finding a way to move past it, paying attention to the things you still have." Madame pats your hand kindly. "I hope that helps, dear."
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