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Okay, I suck, and couldn't get another Wonder City out this week. Here is another episode of the Dean, since I left you on rather a cliffhanger (or perhaps that was cliffplunger) two weeks ago.

Everything looked very strange. Tom blinked, and it was also very strange that she could hear herself blink. That was a branch. That was a tree. That was another tree. She seemed to be very high up...

She turned her head slowly and looked from side to side. Turning her head took an odd sort of effort, the way it did when she was very drunk. Yes. Bark. Leaves. Tree.

FUCK me, I am SITTING in a TREE!

What she had intended as an exclamation came out as a sort of... squawk.

Below her, something crashed. She looked down (still with the sort of conscious effort she usually associated with trying not to hurl, although thankfully she was not nauseated), and saw something white.

A white figure staggered into the clearing. It was... an animal. A big animal. A deer. It walked like it was drunk, or perhaps... drugged? The legs kept going in various unexpected directions, with unfortunate and sometimes comic results. Tom repressed an urge to giggle.

It couldn’t have been a newborn, although that might have excused how it staggered about. It was huge, and furthermore had horns. The horns were gold. Tom wondered distantly whether it came from some sort of stable and if someone had the job of painting it. Perhaps they had to drug it to get it to stay still and that was why it was staggering all over now...

The deer made a distressed honking noise and Tom giggled. Or, rather, she tried to giggle. It came out as a squawk, again. She shook her head impatiently and nearly fell off her tree branch, spreading her wings to keep balance.

Spreading her... what?

Tom shrieked, “What the FUCK!” and this time it came out almost coherently.

The white deer below her attempted to stand up on its hind legs, bellow, and dash off into the forest, all at the same time. It crashed sadly sideways into a blackberry bush.

Oh, Deer

Date: 2013-02-27 07:35 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I guess that's why they weren't supposed to run.

Re: Oh, Deer

Date: 2013-05-02 11:11 pm (UTC)
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