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Readings, part the first
Readings, part the second
Readings, part the third

This is the final set of one-card readings!
For [personal profile] ariestess:
Today, Madame Destiny is wearing a pastel ensemble that might remind one of a clear autumn sky in the early stages of sunset, replete with clear light blues, greens, and pinks, comprising tiers and tiers of well-fluffed chiffon over a satin underdress of a darker blue with purple highlights. Her turban matches the underdress, and her earrings, turban pin, pendant, bracelet, and rings all flash stones (or possibly glass) of citrine hues set in gold.

The card she deals onto the surface before you depicts a painfully young and plain Asian woman in bulky red Japanese armor, leaning on a long staff that ends in a blade. She dangles a mask from her free hand, one with the terrible features of a type of Japanese demon. The landscape behind her is flattened and devastated, with only a one-legged torii gate standing in the distance. The card is reversed to you.

"I understand that this woman, who was a para in the Japanese army during the war, disliked the fact that in the West, she was known as Red Naginata," Madame says, "but no other code name was ever put forward for her, and both she and the records of her real name went missing at the end of the war. So I don't have anything else to call her. She was much feared by the Allies and much admired by her countrymen and women, and there have been many fictionalizations of her supposed life over the years -- everything from novels and poetry to musical revues and anime. We have few facts about her. We know she was a bulletproof. We know she went into hand-to-hand combat regularly against American para groups, particularly the Gold Stars. She was known for her quick decisions in combat -- though they weren't always good decisions -- and her ability to rally both para and nonpara Japanese troops to follow her. We also know that the last time she was verifiably seen, she was without armor or weapon, caring for the sick and dying in Nagasaki, and there are rumors that she survived the bomb without any visible harm to herself."

"In this deck, she stands as the Page of Swords: a young person who is good with swords and sword energy, decisions and words and action, but who has not, perhaps, learned all the lessons needed to make the best decisions or use the best words. Reversed, this card puts the emphasis on that lack of experience, perhaps indicating that the decisions being made or the words being said are not as good as they could be, and have been somewhat hasty." She picks up the card and taps it on the table once, image facing you. "I think that you may want to think about what area of your life might fit this, because I don't feel that this extends to all your life. It's just a matter of figuring out what might be happening that could benefit from a little more consideration, or perhaps a voice of experience." She tucks it into the deck. "I hope that helps, dear."

For the Anonymous who posted on DW:
Madame Destiny is wearing a snowy white Edwardian garden hat and high-necked, lace-cuffed blouse of similar period over a long black skirt. At her throat is a large octagonal gold locket engraved with a bird of some sort -- a crane, perhaps? -- flying over some trees, and her rings are all gold, some with cameos and some with signets and some with faceted stones. A polished wooden walking stick with a gold-toned (probably bronze) heron head as the handle leans against the edge of the table. Madame shuffles her large deck thoroughly, and slides a card onto the table.

The card shows a young white girl with mousy brown hair, a frown of concentration, and what looks like a complicated jeweler's loupe. She is bending over a workbench with tools in hand, working on some sort of complicated clockwork mechanism. Behind her is an engineer's workroom with tools large and small, other heavy wooden workbenches, and a massive tool pegboard holding eight gears of various sizes. A window shows the night sky. The card is upright to you.

"This card depicts a young woman working at Mother Necessity's Technical School for Girls," Madame Destiny says with a fond smile. "It was -- and still is, in its current incarnation -- a place where mechanically-minded girls could go to learn the things that most schools wouldn't teach them. Some of them even turned out to be para in the smarts department, though as you know, it's very hard to measure the difference between a very bright non-para and a para intelligence except in the most extreme cases." She positively beams. "In the age of Rosie the Riveter, the TechGirls were also poster girls for progress. My mother always aspired to go to the school, but she never managed it, and when I was old enough, she wanted to send me. I just didn't really have..." She pauses thoughtfully. "... the temperment," she concludes after a moment.

"This particular TechGirl was Mary Katherine Tate, who went on to become the hero known as the Starling in the 60s and 70s. She was brilliant in creating the sorts of gimmicks rooftop heroes need, and was a dab hand at anything involving fiddly detail work. And this card is the eight of pentacles, the card of the apprentice, you see. This apprentice is working hard, concentrating fully on the task, having entirely lost track of time." She points at the window full of stars. "I think you must be starting to work hard at learning something new, or perhaps you need to think about taking up something new, because it would be rewarding. You may even have something in hand that you have been considering, and this is an indication that you should apply yourself to it. I think it will be a good and positive part of your life, if you choose to take it up. Just remember not to get too lost in the details." Madame beams at you. "I hope that helps, dear."

For [personal profile] beetiger:
Madame Destiny's green felt hat is so broad-brimmed that it easily supports a tiny diorama of a field with newly-leafed trees, populated entirely by a large flock of blackbirds. Fortunately, there is no audio component to this structure, but a few of the birds flap their miniscule wings at intervals, suggesting that the work of miniature Disney imagineers had gone into the production of this hat. Really, the rest of her outfit, a dark blue dress with green trim that matches the hat, is extremely tame by comparison. Her various silver and copper rings and bangles clink pleasantly as she shuffles the deck and produces a card.

The card depicts a handsome black-haired white man in the prime of life who is tall, broad-shouldered, and wearing a U.S. Army uniform, a red, white, and blue sash edged with gold slung across his chest from the left shoulder to right hip. He is in the back of a convertible automobile, sitting up on the edge of the body of the car rather than in the seat. He waves to crowds along the street, a blizzard of ticker tape falling around him, his chiselled features set in a broad grin. The card is upright to you.

Madame smiles delightedly. "Oh, how lovely! The victory card! The six of wands. I suppose that one could say this image is of any of the servicemen who came home to a ticker tape parade, but I happen to know that it is actually--" her voice drops dramatically, but she does glance surreptitiously to her left as she says it "--the Damned Yankee." After she says the name, she nods slightly to the table to her left -- your right -- where an ancient, wizened, balding little man crouches over a newspaper with a magnifying glass. There is little in that face to suggest the bountiful energy of the man on the card, though you might just be able to recognize the edges of that bold jawline amongst the wrinkles and jowls. "The parade was just after Victory in Europe, and people turned out in droves since much had been made of him in the newsreels, and of course all the Great War veterans knew and loved him as well. Do you know he's the veteran of four wars? They wouldn't take him back after Vietnam, since he was really quite visibly starting to age, and I think he was terribly disappointed."

"In any case, this is a marvelous omen for you," she continues. "You will score a victory and recognition for your work sometime soon, I think. It may be something you've wanted and worked for for a long time or it may be something that will pleasantly blindside you. I can't tell from just one card. But you have definitely toiled for a long time at this, I think -- I mean, just consider the length of the war and how hard people worked for victory. There will be some relief from your labors, and a chance to rest on your laurels too, I suspect." With another glance at the Damned Yankee across the room, she smiles and says, "I hope that helps, dear."

For [personal profile] glinda_w:
This day, Madame Destiny is wearing a tailored suit of a shade somewhere between red and hot pink -- a Harvard academic robe crimson, perhaps -- with a neat little jacket with square black buttons and with black piping, and a below-the-knee skirt that matches. A fountain of lace pours over the top of the jacket, ruffled right up against her chin. Her hat matches the suit, and is of a smart, crisp fedora style, pulled down over one eye. There is lace at her cuffs, but she deftly avoids it as she shuffles the deck.

Despite her expert handling of the deck, as she bridges the deck, a card pops out, flips over, and spins to a halt in front of you. "Well!" she exclaims. "Someone has something to say to you today!" The image is of a middle-aged white man, balding and pudgy, peering out of the opened head of a giant robot over a vista of green hills and valleys. The robot is white, though it bears scars, dents, and burns from combat, and has a large red cross in the center of its chest. The card is upright to you (well, mostly -- it ended up kind of canted slightly to the side).

"This bold fellow," Madame says, "was Dr. Defense, an English mad scientist who built -- and led -- a whole division of those giant robots in order to better protect medical installations and hospitals, and to make sure that medical supplies got through to them. A very practical sort of mad scientist, I've always thought. He and his division travelled all over the world and worked in both the European and Pacific theaters, even taking humanitarian supplies behind enemy lines. He paid for the materials and many of the supplies on his own -- he was a millionaire who had inherited much of his money, then made more himself -- and he was a medical doctor as well as an engineer. I don't even know what else he knew how to do." She squinted at the card. "Not a very prepossessing man for such a wonder, eh?"

"Dr. Defense," she continues, "stands very logically as the King of Pentacles in this deck. He is a master of his crafts, he is a master of the world of finance, and he is a master of, if you will, a sort of spiritual practice of generosity and giving. He went beyond the lazy armchair philanthropists of today and went straight in and got his hands dirty. This suggests, especially with the card popping out of the deck like that, that perhaps the Universe would like you to know that you may have a hidden or surprising element around you that embodies this card and may give you a lift in an area of Pentacles energy where you most need it." She smiles encouragingly. "I hope that helps, dear."

And that's it for the one-card draws. Now I have... er, well, Madame has 3 full readings to engage!

Date: 2012-03-09 10:15 pm (UTC)
ariestess: (Default)
From: [personal profile] ariestess
Oh, wow! Thank you! What a fascinating way to present a reading. And the card actually gives me much to consider now.

Date: 2012-03-09 10:24 pm (UTC)
heavenscalyx: (Default)
From: [personal profile] heavenscalyx
You're very welcome! I expect the full readings to be even more challenging to write, but this has been a great deal of fun.

Date: 2012-03-09 10:29 pm (UTC)
ariestess: (Default)
From: [personal profile] ariestess
*nods* Well, it certainly gives some personality to the reading, that's for sure! LOL!

Date: 2012-03-09 11:03 pm (UTC)
kore: (Default)
From: [personal profile] kore
I love these! I love the suits, I love the old Damned Yankee sitting there (it's great how in this series old people are visible, I really love it), I LOVE THE DIORAMA HAT. And 'A very practical sort of mad scientist, I've always thought' - that's just awesome.

Date: 2012-03-10 05:49 pm (UTC)
heavenscalyx: (Default)
From: [personal profile] heavenscalyx
I kind of love the diorama hat too. It makes me want to ask [personal profile] meeks to draw Madame in it.

Date: 2012-05-10 03:06 pm (UTC)
the_leaky_pen: (Default)
From: [personal profile] the_leaky_pen
I think, more even than Madame's clothing, I am in awe of the proliferation of jewelry that she possesses.


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