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A Matter of Necessity

Megan waved as Ladybird drove off to turn in the company van, then put her feet on the path down to the front door of the house on Marigold Lane. It was kind of Ladybird to make the stop; the two 50-pound bags of cat food might not be onerously heavy to Megan, but they were awkward and slippery. Plus, Wonder City was celebrating the coming of the spring equinox with dull leaden skies, a biting wind that went straight through her invulnerable skin, and the promise of yet another ice storm.

As she turned the curve around the carriage house (no lights on, Mr. Hammer must not be home yet), she saw a clean-cut young white man in a navy suit and a dark grey trenchcoat standing at the door of the house. His dishwater blond hair was cut so short as to be nearly military. He was fidgeting, jingling keys and change in one pocket, staring in at the door curiously.

She called, "Can I help you?" before stepping onto the porch, and he whirled in surprise. He was only a couple years older than she was, and had a fairly nice smile, but was otherwise unremarkable.

"Sorry!" he said. "I'm waiting for my date. I rang," he added, gesturing at the set of doorbells.

"Ah," Megan said, frowning in her perplexity. Zoltan's date for the evening? "Are you sure you hit the right bell?"

The door flew open just then and Meteor stepped out. She was wearing a neat green wool suit exactly the shade of her tank suit; the skirt came to just below her knees and the jacket was a two-button double-breasted affair with pinstripes. A lacy bowtie draped over the V of the jacket collar, and a smart little green pillbox hat topped her swooping flame-red 1940s pompadour. "Kevin!" she exclaimed with a brilliant smile. The smile faded abruptly when she saw Megan.

"Gwen! You look gorgeous!" the man -- Kevin, apparently -- exclaimed. Out of the corner of his mouth, he said to Megan, "Glad I wore the suit!"

"Yes," Megan said, flat and unenthusiastic. "Hello, 'Gwen'."

"Megan," Meteor said, equally unenthusiastic and with an undercurrent of fear.

"Nice outfit," Megan said.

"Isn't it?" Meteor said, recovering her poise just a bit. "Oh, Kevin, I'm sorry, this is one of my housemates, Megan."

"Megan Amazon," Megan said, setting down one of the bags and shaking his hand.

"Kevin Necessitas," he said, grinning.

"One of Mother Necessity's...?" Megan began.

"Grandson," he said. "The third Mother N's grandson. Don't have the knack for invention that my sister and cousins have, though."

Megan racked her brain for the vague memory that nagged at her, then found it. "You're... Doctor Insight?"

"Got it in one," Kevin said. "I shouldn't expect any less of the Amazon's daughter, though."

If she remembered correctly, he had a minor para power that allowed him to see remotely inside a human body, which made him a rather good doctor, but a lousy superhero.

"Kevin, won't we miss the show if we're too much later?" Meteor said, taking his arm. She was, Megan noticed, just about an inch shorter than Kevin now. Nice trick that.

"Seen G today?" Megan said, with malice.

"No," Meteor said, giving a small toss of her head, "I haven't seen her for days and days." She began moving Kevin off the porch toward the driveway.

"G'bye!" Kevin said over his shoulder. "Nice meeting you!"

"Yeah," Megan said, picking up the bag of cat food. She watched them get into Kevin's dark blue Lexus sedan and drive off, then went inside and closed the door behind her.

She climbed the stairs to the third floor heavily and let herself into Watson's apartment.


From the Author:
Because we got to the halfway point in the commenting incentive in May, and because I didn't give you a real episode last week, I will post two episodes this week. Look for the second one on Friday!

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The next short story is coming; ended up scrapping what I'd originally written and now am rewriting. Sorry about that. :P

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Date: 2011-06-04 06:03 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
If the windchill is enough to get through Megan's invulnerability, I wonder if that can be taken as a sign that she (and her mother) have a weakness for cold from the lack of superior insulation?

Date: 2012-01-28 07:53 am (UTC)
the_leaky_pen: (Default)
From: [personal profile] the_leaky_pen
Ouch. Poor G. I mean, I do feel a little bad for Meteor, too, on account of the whole being an aimless ghost after losing her life senselessly, but taking over another person's agency is not okay, ever.


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